Great Lakes Region President Monthly Address - October

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Great Lakes Region Monthly Address – October 2013

Jack P. Morgan , President

CONSTRUCT  - CONSTRUCT was held the last week of September in Nashville, TN.  Among the best that I have attended, Nashville put on a great show.  From the keynote address, educational offerings, the show itself, host events, the networking, I believe everyone who attended had a great time.   I spent much of my time participating in Leadership offerings at the Leadership Training Center presented by Matt Fochs and Joy Davis.  They are working to put much of this information on the “Leaders” part of the Institute Website.  A great source for leadership knowledge for all CSI leaders.

I did not attend the host event, but those that did go, thought it was a memorable evening.  Held at the Country Music hall of Fame which recently opened in a new architecturally interesting building.  Much country music memorabilia was on display, good food selections, and musical entertainment was present all evening.

CAUCUS MEETING – We had over thirty attendees for this meeting – a great turnout from the Great Lakes Region.  At this meeting, we were offered an invitation to participate in a Bi-Region Conference in Chicago, May 2015 with the North Central Region.  I am pleased to announce that the GLR EXCOMM has voted to accept that invitation at it’s October meeting.  Look for more information to come.

Certificates of Appreciation –Unfortunately,  two Directors were accidently omitted from my list from the Great Lakes Region:                

                                                Cleveland – Ibrahim Hakki, CSI

                                                Columbus – James C. McDonald, CSI, CDT

They will get their certificates in the mail along with those listed last month.

RAP – The Region Allocation Program (RAP) was created as a way for Regions to receive a portion of everyone’s membership dues sent to Institute in a better, more equitable manner than the old chapter assessment program that was in place.  Many smaller chapters never did send their assessments to the Regions, thus depriving them valuable resources.  Plus there was no way to receive any dues from the At-Large Members.  This last summer, The Institute board considered lowering the percentage of dues received by the Regions and considered a dues increase.  Both measures failed.  Immediate Past President,  Greg Markling, organized an “Ad-Hoc” Committee consisting of all current region leaders to come up with recommendations to  the board  modifications to the RAP Program before the fall Board meeting at CONSTRUCT in Nashville, TN.  The Region Leaders (including myself representing the Great Lakes Region) had several meetings, and came up with recommendations for the Board to consider.  The Board at the CONSTRUCT Board Meeting, voted to accept the recommendations and charged the CSI Finance Committee to look at ways to implement  them.  I will talk about  those recommendations next month.

Nominations – If you have an interest in joining the leadership team of the Region, the Nomination Committee is looking for candidates for three offices: Vice President , Treasurer, and the new position of At Large Director who is an Immerging Professional.  Contact Institute Director, Thad Goodman at by October 18.

Chapter Visits –The Executive committee of the GLR Board wants to visit your notable Chapter events.  Chapter Programs, Board meetings, Tradeshows, New Member Orientations, and special events.  Contact president-Elect Ivette Bruns  with dates, which member of the EXCOMM is desired, and what topics you wish to be presented.

Many thanks for all of your efforts to better the Great Lakes Region, CSI.

Drop me a line if there is a topic about the Region, Institute, or your Chapter you wish to discuss.


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