Great Lakes Region President Monthly Address- November

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Chapter Presidents and Region Leaders,

The Re-Branding Process has taken another step. The word coming from Institute is that they have decided on an updated message and a new logo, and they will roll out at the beginning of the calendar year.

There is some public information out there right now to the general membership about the process. Members can see In addition to this information, there was a formal presentation at the Annual Meeting about the project and the new logo.

Since then there has been some confusion about the status of where we stand on this issue, and members are voicing their concerns over end result and the overall process. The general feeling from the powers that be contend this is enough published information to satisfy the common member. I have learned recently that there are several people who viewed this information at CONSTRUCT as well as they have seen the website and participated in the forums online, and that may not the case.

The Institute board has put some information and tools on the website to give Chapter leaders a more complete look. It provides more information on the overall message and communication on the way our business is changing and CSI is adjusting to reflect what is going on in the industry. This information is available only to chapter leaders with a log-in and so the common member cannot see what you can. While it is listed on the page linked above, here is the link for you to click on as well if needed:

Why am I sending you this today? I am going to address this issue in my Monthly Presidents address and give a status report what is happening and ask that those interested should contact their chapter leaders. I am also going to state that anyone with a question can come directly to me as well. I ask that you review this information and be prepared to discuss. This is an important issue for CSI and we as leaders need to be prepared to listen and provide direction- both to our members and back to the board.

For those questions you cannot answer, please feel free to refer people to either myself, Lane (Institute Secretary), Gary (Region Director) or they can provide direct feedback to the committee members at the web link:

My goal as Region President is to continue to inform and provide direction on the issues that matter to CSI. Communication was one of the things our member survey highlighted last year as a focus, and it remains one of mine. Know that Lane, Gary or I are available and willing to come to a meeting or host a call with your Chapter leaders if needed.

Thank you for your service and your willingness to be a part of the CSI Leadership Team.


Thad Goodman, CSI
Serious Energy/Quiet Rock
Great Lakes Director of Sales

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