Great Lakes Region President Monthly Address- December

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Thad Goodman, President

The end of the fiscal year is upon us. This is a good time to review your calendars and look ahead to the next year’s activities.

Remember your Region Activities upcoming:
  • Elections are in February—The nominating committee has selected a strong group of candidates for the coming year. More information in February.
  • By-Laws- If you have gotten yours updated, THANK YOU.For the chapters that have not, please use either Lane Beougher ( or myself as a resource to help you through the process.
  • Save the date for the Region Conference in Cleveland next July 18th-21. Chapter leaders and committee members should attend to gain leadership training, share best practices, and get to know and network with other chapters. We will once again be sharing cost with each chapter that sends leaders to help defray the cost of travel/registration. Anyone in the Region can join, it’s especially encouraged if you plan to run for an office or serve on a committee.
  • Your Region Team wants to join you! Chapter visits continue, so look for us at board meetings, chapter events, trade shows, keystone events. Please direct specific invites and request for any special event
  • CSI Re-Branding/New Logo- The process of Re-Branding CSI nationally will start shortly after the first of the year. Look to the Institute website at for more information.

Thad Goodman, CSI
Serious Energy/Quiet Rock
Great Lakes Director of Sales

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