Great Lakes Region President Monthly Address- August

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Thad Goodman, President

  • Region Conference- The Great Lakes Region Team has started the year off strong with the Region Conference.

    Bob Schrock and the Cincinnati Chapter did a great job as hosts. Those in attendance got a good head start on leading their chapters by learning about Chapter best practices around the Region. The Leadership breakfast was lead by Institute President- Elect Casey Robb. Joy Davis, Institute Community and Web guru taught us how Institute sees the future of CSI.

    Next year is Cleveland, start your planning today by setting aside these dates: July 18th- 20th, 2013.

  • Chapter Visits- Your Region Team wants to join you! Look for us at board meetings, chapter events, trade shows, keystone events. Please direct specific invites and request for any special

  • Region Website- an interesting item came out of some discussions at the conference. Do you know there is a Great Lakes Region Website? 

Ivette Ramirez Bruns, 1st Vice President

  • Regional Relevance-Every month I hope to expand our discussion on the Relevance of CSI Great Lakes Region by expanding on the idea that as design and construction industry professionals living and operating in the Midwest, we have a unique perspective that speaks only to others that live and work in the Midwest Region. We can help each other by staying in better communication with each other on design and construction issues in our area as well as communicating Trade Show Events, Education Seminars, and other CSI sponsored events. Please send me an e-mail on concerns, news, events and I will expand and share with our GLR community. It is my hope to have a forum for such discussions on our website in addition to maintaining a GLR comprehensive calendar. In the interim, please e-mail me at Looking forward to hearing from you. Ivette Ramirez Bruns CSI CCS

Scott Noel- Region Membership Chair

  • Membership-Scott has a direct line to Institute with his presence on the national membership committee. There are tools to help you win new members, such a:
    • CSI BOGO - Buy-One/Give-One Member Referral Campaign - When you recruit one professional member who joins, CSI will provide you with one membership to GIVE to a potential new member.
    • 50-50 MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT PROGRAM - This chapter-based, new-member recruitment opportunity allows CSI and chapters to agree to offer a combined discounted rate on membership to a select group of prospective members.Want to learn more about either one of these programs? Membership in general?
Contact: Scott Noel


Thad Goodman, CSI
Great Lakes Region President

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