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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guest Services Region Administration Building Performance Events/Food
9:00 AM        George A. Van Niel
10:00 AM        Scholarship
11:00 AM        Golf Outing
12:00 PM        
1:00 PM  Registration  Executive Committee    Cook's Creek
2:00 PM  Open  Region  Thu-01 Brick  Golf Course
3:00 PM    Board  Thu-02 Flashing  Ashville, Ohio
4:00 PM    Meeting  Thu-03 Moisture  
5:00 PM         Dinner
6:00 PM         (on your own)
7:00 PM  The Best      
8:00 PM  Hospitality      
9:00 PM  Suite Ever      
10:00 PM        
11:00 PM        

Friday, July 23, 2010

Guest Services Project Delivery Sustainability Events/Food
7:30 AM  Registration      Continental
8:00 AM  Open  SCIP Business Meeting  Intro to CSI  Breakfast
9:00 AM    Fri-01 Beyond Basic BIM  Fri-02 State of  
10:00 AM    Fri-03 Accuracy thru Color  the Art Exterior  Snack at Breaks
11:00 AM    Fri-04 Hardware Errors  Wall Assemblies  
12:00 PM        Welcome Lunch
1:00 PM  Registration      Bob Loversidge
1:30 PM  Open  Fri-05 PM Basics  Fri-06 LEED 3.0  
2:30 PM    Fri-07 Design-Build  Fri-08 Green Rating  Snack at Breaks
3:30 PM    Fri-09 ConsensusDOCS  Fri-10 Climate Change  
4:30 PM        
5:00 PM        
6:00 PM        Gala Reception
7:00 PM        Gala Dinner
8:00 PM        Awards Gala
9:00 PM        State Capitol Tour
10:00 PM  The Best      
11:00 PM  Hospitality      
12:00 PM  Suite Ever      

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Guest Services Leadership Technical Events/Food
7:30 AM  Registration      Leadership
8:00 AM  Open  Officer Discussion  Committee Discussion  Breakfast
9:00 AM    Annual Region  Annual Region  
10:00 AM    Business Meeting  Business Meeting  Snack at Break
11:00 AM    Demystifying Fellowship  Sat-01 Changes in Attitude  
12:00 PM  Hotel Check Out      Institute Update Lunch
1:30 PM  Registration      with Sheryl & Walt
2:00 PM  Open  Leadership  Sat-02 Energy Glazing  
3:00 PM    Boot Camp  Sat-03 Thermal Integrity  
4:00 PM        
4:30 PM        Campus
5:30 PM        Building
6:30 PM        Tour
7:00 PM        Columbus
8:00 PM        Clippers,
9:00 PM        ring your bell!
10:00 PM        (on your own)
11:00 PM        
12:00 PM        

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