Certification Committee

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For details on the current Certification Exams timing and costs, visit csiresources.org/certification/

One of the significant programs that is part of CSI’s Mission, is the Certification Program. By instructing participants how to correctly handle construction documents in every project helps improve that project as well as the construction industry. Less errors and lower costs are a result of a better project.

By obtaining the Construction Document Technologist (CDT) Certificate, you are demonstrating that you understand the basics of how to administer Construction Documents and have set yourself apart from those that do not have that credential. You can obtain more in depth Certifications concerning Specifications – Certified Construction Specifier (CCS); concerning Project Administration – Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA); or concerning Product Representation – Certified Construction Product Representative (CCPR) to further define your skills for your Projects.

The bulk of instruction of the Certification Programs is the local Chapter’s responsibility. The Great Lakes Region helps support the Chapters by giving helpful information and coordinating the various resources available around the Region. The GLR has offered Regional Webinars led by the Indianapolis Chapter’s Certification Committee. The various study classes leading to one or more of the credentials listed above, help those members who’s Chapter’s do not offer Study Classes. Study Sessions are offered in the Spring and Fall.

The Powerpoint and PDF Presentations below address the advantages of getting a Certification Credential and how the Region Certification Chair can support that effort.

Membership: The GLR Certification Committee consists of the Chapter Certification Chairs, or other designee from the Chapter, and the GLR Chair.

Meetings: At least once a year.

Contact Link: Jack Morgan | 317.508.4516 | EMAIL

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