Student Affiliate Support ToolBox

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This communication is slanted towards student activities, both in getting one set up and activities throughout the year.

  • Included is the Moll/Betts flyer again to market this to student to gain interest.

  • The Publisher file is to use to get the student familiar with the CSI organization and then use it as a tool to help set expectations for officers/committee chairs/etc.  (Having new chapter members work together to fill this out each year really means a good understanding of how CSI works)

  • Idea’s, Annual Ideas and Calendar outline are good overviews for ways to lay out the year

  • Campus View is a sample newsletter submission for the Campus Newsletter with is something that gives the students morevisibility if they want. (some Campuses have them, some do not.)

  • It’s good to have a summer meeting to get everything laid out for the coming year, discuss past issues, etc

  • Flyers and Tri-folds to push out information to the students for various reasons.

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